Master Class

This afternoon Dr. Susan Dubois came to Tech and taught a viola master class. It was fantastic. Four of my students played, and Dr. Dubois touched on a lot of the same topics I talk about with them, plus she was entertaining and knowledgeable and overall wonderful. She talked a lot about physical freedom in viola playing-- which, having studied with her and other amazing "Tuttle-ites," is one of my biggest topics-- and I think it was really great for my students to hear a lot of the same materials from someone else, with a slightly different take on things. All of the time we spend talking about physical freedom really makes sense when you see a student finally be able to let go and you HEAR the change in their sound. Physical freedom means round, open, warm, wonderful tone. Plus it is easier to play, and you can do it for longer and you don't hurt. Win win win win!

It was also really great to see one of my most significant mentors again. I studied with her for my doctoral degree at the University of North Texas, and frankly, I've missed her. It was great to have her give me a hard time again. :) She even sat in on one of my lessons this afternoon, and had some really positive comments about my teaching. That was really rewarding.


Here we are after the MC. I'm standing a step below her-- she's not actually 6'3". :)

And as a special thank you, I knit her a UNT-colored jack russell terrier. Susan likes dogs.


How can you go wrong? Today, life is exceedingly good.

Happy practicing!