Happy new year! 2013, the year of the alto clef. :)


I've had a wonderful few weeks away from Lubbock, filled with family and food and SLEEPING! It's been lovely. But now I am back at home, and starting to work. School doesn't start until the 16th, but there is a lot of music I need to practice this month.

See, I've been invited out to interview at one of the universities to which I applied for a full-time position. I'll be flying out there at the end of the month, and along with interviews and teaching demonstrations, I also have to give a recital. I will perform the Prelude and Gigue of the E flat Bach Suite (No. 4) and the last movement of Hindemith's Solo Sonata 1937, which I chose. They are also requiring the first movement of the Brahms E flat Sonata, and the first movement of a standard concerto, so I chose Bartok. So there are A LOT of notes for me to get into my fingers again. Thankfully I recently performed the Brahms so that makes life just a bit easier. On top of that, I have LSO coming up next week and of course, quartet music to learn. Phew!

I'm really excited about the interview, and am hopeful it will go well. Stay tuned!

Happy practicing!