Now that Viola Day has passed, I’m focusing on the repertoire for my upcoming recital. It’s on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:30 PM (EST) in Legacy Hall— it’ll also be live-streamed. I’m really excited about the music: Reger’s g minor solo suite, Brahms’ E-flat major sonata, and Julius Röntgen’s c minor sonata. The Röntgen is (to the best of my knowledge) not well known in the US, and I’m really excited to present it to my audience, with Henry Kramer at the piano. It’s an amazing piece that I only learned of during my last residency at the Poznań International Viola Forum in Poznań, Poland, in April 2019.

Among the various lectures given, Aneta Dumanowska, who teaches viola at the Krakow Music Academy, presented a paper on the viola sonatas of Julius Röntgen. I don’t exactly understand Polish, but I did very clearly understand the musical examples. I was hooked on what I heard, and when I got home, started doing a bit of research. Not much exists on Röntgen in English, sadly, but I was able to acquire the sheet music and listened to the sonata on repeat for about a month straight, and decided I simply HAVE to play it. Thankfully Henry was on board to switch pieces (we had planned to play the Bowen c minor sonata), and the rest is history, as they say.

I don’t know if the sonata has ever been performed (or been heard by anyone save me!) in Columbus GA before now, so I’m really looking forward to introducing it to the community. The piece is expressive and dramatic and exciting and sad, and just incredibly beautiful. It’s reminiscent of Brahms and Reger (hence the other works on the program), with it’s own particular style.

Columbus is a wonderful place to teach and play music, because members of the community truly enjoy the arts, and I know the audience will love the Röntgen Sonata as much as I do. There are many patrons who come to as many concerts as their schedules allow (and there are a LOT of concerts in Columbus), and they are curious about and so very appreciative of all kinds of music. It’s really something. Who new a relatively small city in south-western Georgia would be so engaged in arts and culture?

It’s been super fun working on music that I really enjoy. Reading the Brahms about two weeks ago with Rachel Zimmerman, my friend and a fantastic pianist, was really great. Reading the Röntgen with Henry last week was also awesome. My Reger is coming along, and overall, there is just a lot of awesome music on my upcoming recital. :-)

Great music with great people— what else can you ask for? I hope you’ll be able to join us!

Happy practicing!