Viola Day 2019

Viola Day was Saturday, and I’ve been basking in its glory ever since! It was QUITE the to-do, with (I’d estimate) 45 violists attending. It was really awesome! We had participants as young as 12, though most were high school or college students. The obvious highlight for me (besides meeting awesome young violists excited about viola!) was spending time with Carol Rodland. Not only is she a ridiculously amazing human being, but she truly helped me become who I am today. The summer before I went to NEC for my Master’s degree with Carol, I sustained a debilitating injury, and showed up a new graduate student unable to play. I was literally broken, and Carol fixed me. I can never thank her enough— but as she says, pay it forward. Karen Tuttle did for Carol what Carol did for me, and now it is my turn, and I am blessed and grateful every single day of my life.

Besides a morning concert where Carol and I performed, the day involved mass viola ensemble, Body Mapping with Dr. Andrée Martin (our flute professor at Schwob), a master class with Carol, and an open forum with Carol. I also had the pleasure of hosting William Harris Lee and Co., who brought a bunch of violas and bows that participants tried. Unfortunately I didn’t get the pleasure, and didn’t even take a picture! D’oh! Despite my oversight, it seems like everyone had a great time, and I’m really thrilled to have had such a great turnout.

Here are a bunch of photos for you to enjoy.

Happy practicing!