A New Year

Hello! It’s hard to believe that today was the first day of the new academic year, and the first day of my second year at the Schwob School of Music. I ended up being really really bad about blogging last year— I think with the excitement over the new position and being really gung-ho about all of it, I didn’t leave quite enough energy at the ends of my days to write about all of the cool things that were happening. And last year was really fantastic. Looking back at it now, I am sad that I didn’t make the time to document so many wonderful moments, but it has also inspired me to be better this year. SO— here we are, Day One of a new year.

My summer was unique in that I didn't have a single musical- or work-related obligation. I spent a LOT of time with my then-boyfriend, James, working on a project that has nothing to do with viola. At the end of July he and I ran off to the mountains, and last week we got married in Colorado, so now he’s my husband. I’m still getting used to that term, as well as the ring on my finger. I’d say that was easily the highlight of my summer. ;-)

But now that I’m back in Columbus, I’m busily working on Syllabi and taking care of other odds and ends that Just Need Doing. Likewise, I’ve started to practice again— I tend to take a big break during the summers. I play so much during the academic year that I often find myself somewhat burnt-out come May, and I recuperate with a few months of very light practicing (in fact, you might call it (GASP) playing— instead of working, I will play some music and maybe work on fingerings for a passage or two, but mostly I just enjoy the sound of my viola and don’t sweat the mistakes I would during concert preparation). But now I have performances looming, and while I haven’t gotten a practice schedule together yet, I have really been enjoying playing viola again. I’ll be honest— I’m a bit rusty. But I also find that polishing off the rusty bits is a fun challenge. It lets me explore the teacher in me and helps me come up with new ways of getting better (“Now, if my student had just played that, how would I help them to fix it?”).

So, cheers to a new year and the adventures it’ll bring. I look forward to sharing my musical experiences with you.

Happy practicing!