IVC Master Class

Last season was a very good year for me, professionally. Not only did my students do Super Well (see below), but I was awarded a fantastic teaching position at an incredible music program (and so far, I am so happy at the Schwob School of Music!), and learned I had been chosen to teach a master class at the next International Viola Congress. It's in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in November, and I have to admit, it's really something to see my name amongst the other names of those teaching master classes at the 2018 IVC.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 8.26.02 PM.png

I'm one of four "normal" teachers from the US (while Kim Kashkashian is on the list, she's in a slightly different league than I...), and I'm excited about sharing my viola love and knowledge with budding musicians in Europe. What follows is a teaser from a master class I taught at the University of North Texas. My teaching style varies depending on student and repertoire, but this video highlights a method that keeps the student at ease while delivering quality substance.

While my approach to teaching might sometimes be deemed untraditional, it is definitely effective (and fun!). Three notable student successes from last season include: a concerto competition winner; admittance to and awarding of the only viola teaching assistantship at a very strong program; and my viola ensemble being one of three groups nationally chosen to perform at the American Viola Society Festival in Los Angeles, June 2018.
So, who's signing up? Do YOU have what it takes to survive a master class with Dr. M?!

Happy practicing!