The Best Students

In my five years of teaching at Ball State University, I often blogged about how amazing my students were. Today I write from a place of humbled awe, again, about how amazing my students are.

We had an end of year party last week, which was a lot of fun. I think one of the best parts of "my kids" is that they are super warm and accepting-- see, not everyone is a viola major. We have voice majors and pre-med and sociology majors, and even (gasp!) violin majors, but the thing that ties them all together is... me.

They made that pretty apparent when a bunch of them insisted we meet again for breakfast on Monday this week. I was confused-- we'd done the goodbye thing at the party, and then again at graduation on Saturday, but okay. Breakfast it was.

Turns out they'd banded together and made a book. It's filled with photos and testimonials from current and former students, and it melted my heart. I don't think I've ever been so touched. The book was supposed to be ready for the party, but it wasn't, hence, breakfast. It's an amazing book, and it completely melts my heart. I can't stop looking at it. I am going to miss these amazing people so very very very very much. Apparently I made an impression on them too.


Thank you my wonderful students, friends, and colleagues.

Here are some photos from the end of the year.

Happy practicing!