I've been avoiding starting to learn one of the pieces that was written for Violet. I looked at is back in the summer when we first got the music, decided it was going to be really hard to learn, put in a few basic fingerings and bowings, and then put it away. And every time I went to practice over the last few months I've thought to myself, "I really need to start looking at X," and then would decide there were more pressing things to practice.

Well-- I really can't avoid it any longer, as the time for performance is coming up. So this morning, after changing my strings and doing a good warm up (and lots and lots of tuning!), I finally picked up The Piece. 

And then I found myself wanting to do what many young practicers do-- I wanted to start at the beginning. See, the beginning isn't all that hard, and it's pretty, and I know it, so why not play that? But my professor brain took over and I actually said to myself out loud (somewhat starting my sleeping pup), "No, Katrin. That's not the part you need to practice," and I flipped to where things start getting really squirly, and started working.

The funny thing is, I practiced a few lines for about 15 minutes, and by the end they sounded BOATLOADS better, and certainly weren't as hard as I'd made them out to be.

It's pretty amazing the things we tell ourselves, and the power they have. "This piece is really hard." No wonder I waited months to start learning it. And now that I've finally gotten going, I find it to be a challenge, but not impossible, and with just a bit of work every day, I'll definitely be able to perform this well by the concert.

To think I could have avoided months of angst over the piece by just tackling it. Silly me.

Happy practicing.