This morning, Elizabeth Crawford and I left Muncie in a very nice Ford Fusion owned by Ball State, and drove all the way to Toronto, Canada! It was a long drive, but with good company it went by as quickly as such a drive can.

Violet is performing tomorrow night (February 2) with the Ton Beau String Quartet, which is based here in Toronto. I met the violist, Alex McLeod, a few years ago at an American Viola Society Festival, and we've been in touch about various projects since then. He came to BSU last year and gave a fascinating presentation about sound production, and now Libby and I are here to collaborate with his quartet.

Sarah Steeves, the cellist in the quartet, has been very gracious in letting me and Libby stay with her. We've enjoyed a nice evening of chatting and tea. Just now, as I was getting some water, I noticed a lovely note on her fridge.


With a welcome like that, how can we not have a good time while in Canada?

Violet will perform two of the works we did on our recital last week, Jenni Brandon's Shades of Violet, and Antonio Gervasoni's Pandora's Box. We will also premiere Muncie Mix, composed for us by American composer Daniel Adams. The Ton Beau Quartet will perform Riho Esko Maimets' Sanctus for String Quartet, and I will join them for a movement of Mozart's K. 515 Viola Quintet, and Libby will join them for a movement of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet. It's going to be a lot of fun. If you happen to be in the Toronto area, please come join us! The concert is at 8 PM at the Agricola Finnish Lutheran Church, which looks like a very beautiful space in which to make music.

Happy practicing!