Gregg Goodhart: The Learning Coach

I've taken an inadvertent hiatus from blogging, and now am woefully behind. ASTA in Pittsburg was very informative and a lot of fun, and from there I went straight to Spring Break. A week of lying on a beach was exactly what my mind and body needed to get ready to finish out the rest of the semester! It was fantastic, but I think I might have slipped a little too much into enjoying the lack of schedule and emails. Though it's now been more than two weeks since Spring Break ended, I feel like I'm only now getting back into the swing of things.

Where to begin? It's been one exciting thing after another, so I think I'll start with the most recent event. Today in Studio Class, I had the pleasure of bringing Gregg Goodhardt, The Learning Coach, in for a Skype conference call. He taught my students about learning: how the brain does it, and how to systematically develop their skills. Then he had three "victims" demonstrate tricky spots, and with coaching, worked them to a much higher level than they were presenting when they first played. It was very cool to see, and though a lot of the information was what I already know and teach, it was great to see it organized and presented in a clear, concise, and approachable way. When I was young, I wasn't exactly taught HOW to practice-- I had to figure out a lot of that on my own. Now we have books and websites and learning coaches who do just that, and to be able to have one "in" class today was very cool. I hope Gregg's approaches will help my students trust in the slow and (somewhat unfortunately) laborious process. I've been telling them the same kinds of things from day one, but sometimes hearing it from another source is exactly what you need. I suggest you check out his research, especially if you're struggling with certain tricky passages! He has all of the answers.

Happy practicing!