Snowstorm in Beantown

I'm back in Muncie after a very exciting and snow-filled adventure on the East Coast. I can hardly believe that only a week ago at this time I was getting ready to perform at Boston University. It already feels like a month has gone by since then!! It's amazing how much STUFF you can pack into a week, such that it feels so very much longer.

My adventure to Boston began with a canceled flight (due to a gargantuan snow storm). I ended up arriving nearly two days later than originally anticipated, which made rehearsals compressed and a bit stressful. I'm SO glad Ketty and I performed the same program in Muncie last month. Because of that, we were able to put together a very convincing recital in almost no time. Usually I like to take a performance day easy, but I didn't have the chance to do that here (or in Colorado the prior week, incidentally), and though it was difficult to get on stage after a long day, I managed in both places, and I think performed quite well. I'm very happy with how the recital went. And I even got to see some wonderful old friends, and make some new ones. Unfortunately, we neglected to take a picture after the recital. Sheesh. Here's one from downtown, though.

Being back home was surreal and wonderful. I guess it really isn't home anymore, but I will always have a very large place in my heart for Boston. It's a wonderful city, full of culture, life, adventures, and history. If you haven't been, I heartily suggest you go at some point (though, wait for Spring!). It was fun to see the way the city has developed, and the ways in which it has stayed the same. A lot changed in nine years, but it still very much has that same Boston vibe I remember from when I lived there. It was so great to be back, even in the super cold, and the sidewalks filled with dirty, slushy, snow.

On Monday afternoon, I had the wonderful experience of teaching a master class at Boston University. I worked with three graduate students, and got some very positive feedback about my teaching (including an email from one of the students a few days later). Yay! And then, to finish out my Beantown adventure, I had dinner with my very first viola teacher, Michelle LaCourse. How wonderful to see her again!! We chatted about everything from viola to work to houses to life, and it was just fantastic. To be able to share a meal with someone who has had a direct impact on how your entire life turned out, is pretty amazing. I owe so very very much to Michelle.

A big huge thank you to Ketty Nez for organizing this amazing adventure. I am so fortunate to be in a profession where so many people are excited about what they do, and are interested in collaborating and taking on logistically-complicated endeavors. Most times they end up leading to exciting and musically-fulfilling experiences. Thank you Ketty!!!! And thank you Michelle!! And to my super awesome friend, Kiera, with whom I stayed-- it was so much fun.

Now it's back to the regular grind for a few weeks. Coming up next: the ASTA conference in Pittsburg!! I'm collaborating with five others to present a pre-conference workshop on the day before the conference officially begins, and then get to enjoy the conference before finally relaxing during Spring Break. Phew! I've packed a lot into the first part of this semester, for sure!

Happy practicing!