Boston Calling

Yay! The recital went pretty darn well! We got a lot of compliments about Amelia Kaplan's piece, and I felt pretty darn good about the Nez and Shostakovich. I realized half way through the first movement of the Shostakovich that we hadn't closed the piano lid to half-stick, and started worrying about my projection. It was hard to shake the feeling that the piano was overpowering me (as was the case in the dress rehearsal, which is why we decided to perform it with half-stick). After our dress rehearsal performance on Friday evening, I was so overcome by the emotion of the piece, that I couldn't help but cry. For good (I didn't end up looking like a blubbering mess with racoon eyes on stage) or bad (perhaps I wasn't as emotionally involved?), that didn't happen last night. It also turns out that my video camera's battery died during the third movement, so there's a chunk missing from when my videographer was changing the battery. Oye!

BUT, overall, I'm really happy with the recital. I'm even more happy I get to do it again in Boston in a month! That's right folks-- in a few weeks I'll pack up and head back to my old stomping grounds. Ketty and I will perform the same recital on Saturday February 11th at 8 PM in the Boston University College of Fine Arts Concert Hall. That's the same stage on which I performed my senior recital, back in December 2002. In a funny twist of fate, on that concert I performed the Shostakovich Sonata for the first time. It's going to be amazing to go back with several more performances and a year or two (wink) of life and playing experience under my belt. I'm obviously a much stronger player now than I was at the end of my undergraduate years (plus, at that point I'd only been playing viola for about two years!), and I'm so looking forward to coming back to my alma mater. I hope those of you that are in the general Boston area will be able to come. It would be so amazing to see old friends again! I'll also be teaching a masterclass on Monday February 13th from 2-4. I don't know where yet, but I'll fill you in once I know.

Before Boston, I have a bit more traveling to do, but I'll write about that in another post. In the meantime, I hope you'll listen to the audio recording I just added to my Listen page. It's of Daniel Sitler's solo viola piece, Mirage/Deluge, that he composed for me and I premiered on my September recital. You can read my blog post about that here. Enjoy!