Recital Preparation

Last week I blogged about one of the new pieces I am premiering on my recital, which is only one week away, on Monday 12 September at 7:30 PM in Sursa Hall (free and open to the public!). In addition to Daniel Sitler's piece, clarinetist Elizabeth Crawford and I are also premiering a work. It's an "unofficial" premiere, if such a thing exists. See, Libby and I commissioned the work and are "officially" premiering it at the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors (NACWPI) conference in Santa Fe at the end of next month. She and I have played together before,  really enjoy it, and want to do it more. We've even come up with an awesome name for our duo: Violet. There's a surprisingly small amount of literature for clarinet and viola duet, so we are doing our part to expand the repertoire.

Having worked with Shawn Head before, and really liking his compositional language, he was a natural choice for our first commission. His Duet, I'll be honest, took a few run-throughs for us to start to understand, but now that we have a better feel for it, it has grown on us a lot. We rehearsed earlier today, and it sounds really good. I'm looking forward to my dress rehearsal tomorrow, so I can record the the Duet and send it to Shawn. So far, he's only heard it in his head and with midi instruments, so hopefully he'll like what he hears.

Perhaps I'll even share a few sneak peaks this upcoming week. Stay tuned, and as always...

Happy practicing!