Festival, Day 2

It's been another jam-packed day at the American Viola Society Festival, and I am exhausted! If only I could clone myself and go to all of the sessions that are being offered-- there are usually 3 concurrent sessions. It's SO hard to choose which one to attend, let alone make time to visit the vendors and chat with other violists!

I wish I had a bit more energy so I could talk about what I learned and heard today, but I think instead I'm going to hit the hay. In the morning the Hibiki Trio is performing in a joint recital. We are playing the Rene Frank Little Suite for Flute, Viola, and Harp at 9:45 AM in Kulas Hall. If you're here at the Festival, we'd love to have you in the audience! It's a really excellent piece. We've enjoyed getting to know it, and I am looking forward to presenting it to this community of very fine violists.

Happy practicing!