Well, despite my best efforts, I did not manage to blog every day while at the AVS Festival. Yesterday got away from me, and by the time I got "home" to my dorm room, I was way too tired to even blog that I was too tired to blog! :)

I am now back home, but my mind is still spinning from all of the amazing experiences I had while at Oberlin. I know that I am only slightly biased, but there truly is something special about violists. We are a genial bunch of folk; excessively friendly and helpful, warm, funny, just the right amount of self-deprecating, and seriously passionate about our instrument.

I did not have a single negative experience in the last four days. I heard SO much excellent viola playing, was exposed to compositions and ensemble makeups I'd never experienced before, made (many!) new friends, networked, got to see nearly all of my viola mentors plus a slew of other viola gods, and learn, all in a beautiful setting. Even though the Conservatory is currently under construction, and a third of the building was inaccessible, the amazing Festival coordinators (BIG shout out to Kathy Steeley and David Bynog!) presented a polished and seamless conference. The feeling in the air was one of excitement and contentment. It was like coming home. This photo pretty much sums it all up. Can those smiles get any bigger?

Carol Rodland with me and other former students.

Carol Rodland with me and other former students.

Thanks AVS. That's all I can really say. A from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thanks. And I am REALLY looking forward to 2018.

Happy practicing.