Festival, Day 3

This morning the Hibiki Trio performed in a joint recital. It went really well-- in fact, I think it's the best we've ever played the Little Suite by Rene Frank! Throughout the rest of the day I got really wonderful compliments from friends and strangers alike. It's really nice to know that our efforts were appreciated. I'm so glad we were able to present an almost unknown work to the viola population, and that it was received with such warmth.

I am, again, totally exhausted. There is only one more day of amazing viola-ness left, and there are some really exciting events tomorrow. I'm especially looking forward to the Tuttle Coordination panel, and then to the Rodland Duo recital. The Festival Banquet will close out this week's amazing Festival. I hope I have some more energy tomorrow, because there's still so much to tell!

For now, I'll close with this picture I snapped this afternoon.

I had the immense good fortune to be at New England Conservatory when Carol Rodland was still there. She and Kim Kashkashian often co-taught, so while I was never Kim's student, I did learn an awful lot from her. My years at NEC were incredibly special, and to be able to reconnect with both of these women at the same time is really meaningful to me. They are two of the absolutely most influential people in my life. And as though that's not enough, Kim performed an amazing recital this evening, with pianist Michael Bukhman. She took my breath away, as always.

Happy practicing!