Ketty Nez: New Music Festival!

The Ball State University Festival of New Music is in full swing. It's a really wonderful event, put on my Amelia Kaplan every year, in which a guest composer visits Ball State for a few days, and a boatload of new music is performed over a series of several concerts. I met with this year's guest composer, Ketty Nez, yesterday. We are performing three of her short works from a larger composition called Postcards on tonight's concert (7:30 PM in Sursa Hall-- Free and open to the public!). Ketty is warm, talented, and has a really engaging personality. We hit it off right away, even though I wasn't playing quite as well as I'd have liked! (I get nervous playing someone's music for them-- what if I'm doing it all wrong?!) Ketty teaches at Boston University, and it turns out she started working there right after I finished my undergraduate degrees. Small, wonderful world! Chatting with her made me quite nostalgic for Boston. I truly do miss that wonderful city.

Spring Break was last week, and James and I took a really wonderful trip to Yelapa, Mexico. We didn't have cell phone reception, or any internet connection, and without a TV in our hotel room, I truly got away from everything. It was amazing to sleep, eat, read, and lounge around on the beach. It was a much-needed rest, and I feel ready for the rest of the semester! Before that, the ASTA conference was really excellent, and I'm mostly happy with how my recital went before I left for Tampa. I'll be posting videos as soon as I find time to edit them!

Happy practicing!