A little Gershwin

It's another busy week here in Meidell-land. After a really amazing Saturday in Kalamazoo, I listened to more auditions on Monday, and the rest of the week have been subbing with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic for an all-Gershwin program. Unfortunately I neglected to take photos at Violapalooza, so have none to share, but I want to share with the world that Karin Code is doing an amazing job with her students. A good group attended the event-- all of them pre-college aged-- and all of them were engaged and excited and hungry for knowledge. It was such an excellent experience getting to work with young people who really wanted to be there (which is why I love teaching college-aged students so much!).

Gershwin is going well too. The assistant conductor of the Fort Wayne Phil, Chia-Hsuan Lin, is leading this concert. It's my first experience playing under her, and I very much like her conducting. She is clear and expressive, and particular about what she wants. It makes for a musically-fulfilling performance, though there is a lot of stopping in rehearsals. The concert is tomorrow evening at 7:30 PM in the Embassy Theater, in downtown Fort Wayne.

Before that, though, I am looking forward to attending Elizabeth Crawford's clarinet recital tonight. Libby is one of my closest friends here in Muncie, and being able to see her shine is really invigorating. Plus I really love clarinet. Perhaps a little known fact about me is that I played clarinet for a very short amount of time in high school. I stopped so I could focus on violin (back then I still played violin!), but I've always really loved the sound of clarinet. If I could choose another instrument to play, it would be clarinet, hands down. :) Please join me if you are able! The recital also features Lori Rhoden, and is free and open to the public. 7:30 PM in Sursa Hall.

Happy practicing!