Beautiful Fall

Since returning home from Santa Fe last Saturday, life has resumed some semblance on normalcy. The two performances in which I was involved at the CMS conference, one with the Hibiki Trio, one with Violet, were warmly recieved, and it was a great experience. While I was in Santa Fe, six Ball State violists traveled to Knoxville for the University of Tennessee Viola Celebration. They again competed in the Ensemble Competition, and were hoping to take home first prize as they did last year, but a UT quartet won this year. I'm so very proud of their Honorable Mention, and especially all of the hard work they put in to learning two very difficult pieces.

This weekend has been mostly free, which is, honestly, bizarre. The last time I had an entire weekend where I didn't have to be somewhere and doing something was a very very long time ago. I did perform with the BSU Women's Chorus last night, and that was a lot of fun. But I was only on stage for about eight minutes, and only for one piece, so it wasn't as demanding as some of my other endeavors!

Next Friday the Hibiki Trio is performing one of its biannual concerts. It's a nice and varied program, including a very cool multi-movement work by a virtually unknown Greek woman composer, Krinió Papastávrou. The concert is at 5:30 in Sursa Hall, and as always, is free and open to the public. This evening I look forward to hearing my colleagues' American Piano Trio recital. That's at 7:30, and also in Sursa and free.

Before that, though, I have to go mow my lawn yet again! That's one thing I definitely won't miss once winter hits. But these days the leaves are changing every so beautifully, and today is an exceptionally warm and perfect day. For the last two months I've been using an app to train running, and today I finished my first half-hour run. I have this amazing feeling of accomplishment and elation. I really didn't think I'd make it to the point where I could run for a half hour and not be dying or hurting. But I can! Thanks Get Running! I really recommend it if you're moderately healthy and want to start running.

I always try to stay healthy and work out and such, but with all of the traveling I do, I've always found it difficult to keep a routine going. For whatever reason, this time around I've been able to keep running, and now I've even reached the point where I look forward to it (as opposed to runs being punishment, as they were in the beginning!!). I'm only running three times a week, and obviously not for very long distances, but today I wore my GPS watch, which told me I ran three miles. That's not bad at all! I definitely couldn't have done that at the beginning of the semester! What else is really refreshing is my overall mood. I have had so many very stressful or taxing things happen these last months, and yet I feel like I'm handling them a little more gracefully than I otherwise could have. I think it has to do with my overall increased endorphins and general health. So I'm a happy runner! Go figure! I just hope I'm able to keep it up once the weather gets cold.

Happy practicing!