I must admit, I'm really happy with my performance this evening. A few very minor funky things happened, but isn't that why live performance is so charming?

The recital space was unfortunately warm and clammy, and my left hand was especially sticky. But I persevered and got so many accolades at the end of the night that I must have managed this hiccup well. One woman from the audience's comment left me especially proud, that "your phrasing in the Bach was exquisite." I don't often program Bach (everyone has an opinion!!), but perhaps I'll start.

It was a really nice evening. And I didn't once get nervous. I have to say, it felt really good. I was in command of my craft and even though a few hiccups happened, I shared a bit of my soul with the people in the audience tonight. It was a powerful experience, and I am one proud and invigorated violist.

Happy practicing!