I'm writing from Pensacola, Florida! It's my first time to West Florida, and I was surprised to learn this portion of the state is in the Central time zone! Fun little fact. There are also palm trees outside my hotel window, and that makes me very happy. :)

Tomorrow I'm performing and presenting for the very active Pensacola Music Teachers Association September meeting. Victor Andzulis, who is Vice President of Programs for the association, emailed me a few months ago and asked if I'd like to present at the meeting. It turns out he's an accomplished collaborative pianist as well, so not only to I get to give an introductory Music and Medicine presentation, I also get to play viola! We'll perform four of the Shorter Pieces for Viola and Piano by Rebecca Clarke.

We rehearsed this afternoon at Dollarhide's Music Center, whose owners, Bill and Margaret Dollarhide, are staunch supporters of the musical community here in Pensacola, and donate their space for PMTA meetings and private teachers' studio recitals! It sounds like this city of 52,000 people (even smaller than Muncie!) has an incredibly network of music teachers, students, and supporters. Pensacola even has its own symphony and opera company! What an anomalous and special secret West Florida is hiding!

Though I am quite tired after traveling and a very busy week, I am very happy to be in Florida this evening, and look forward to a rewarding day tomorrow.

Happy practicing!