First Week Finished!

With a flash, the first week of classes is done. I can hardly believe it. I had fun playing pops with the Anderson Symphony on Sunday, and the Muncie Symphony on Wednesday (I especially geeked out on the Stark Trek through the Ages medley), and managed to make it through most of the week at school too. Unfortunately, I got really sick after the MSO concert Wednesday night, and had to stay home yesterday. I woke up at nearly noon (after canceling my day in the morning), and had a lengthly nap in the afternoon, and then went to bed again at 9 pm. I woke up this morning at 9 feeling a lot better, though not 100%. (I am always amazed at the body's ability to sleep WAY longer than it usually does when sick!) I managed to make it through my teaching load today, and even attended the annual faculty get together at the School of Music director's house. It was nice, but now I am home again, ready to go to bed. New year, new virus, it seems. At least it only debilitated for 24 hours, but MAN that was not a fun 24 hours!!

Next week I'm looking forward to my recital on Thursday at 7:30 at Grace Episcopal Church in Muncie. With Sophia Kim I'll perform the Five Old French Dances by Marin Marais and a few of the Shorter Pieces for Viola and Piano by Rebecca Clarke. I'll also perform Bach's G major Suite for Solo Cello (on viola, of course), as well as the Prélude, Récitatif et Variations by Maurice Duruflé with Mihoko Watanabe (flute) and Jooyoung Kim (piano). It's a good program, and I'm looking forward to playing for hopefully a somewhat different audience than who come to recitals on Ball State's campus. I hope to see some of you there! The concert is free and open to the public.

Happy practicing!