Festival on the Green TOMORROW

I've been away from blogging for the past few weeks because (drum role please) I bought a house! I closed two weeks ago today, and in that time have sanded, primed, painted, scrubbed, changed oodles of light bulbs (to CFLs), freed previous painted-shut windows, fixed a bit of soffit, and racked up a sizable bill all Lowes. But it's been so worth it! I'm getting new flooring installed on Monday, after which point, it'll be time to start moving. So, I probably won't be blogging a whole lot in the upcoming weeks either, but I did want to share this bit of fun...

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of being the Feature Musician at a Muncie Symphony event. It was a small house party (in a very large house), where people asked about me and my instrument, practice habits and instrument maintenance, what makes a viola superior to all other instruments, and all kinds of other questions. I played a movement of Bach and a movement of Reger, got to chat with the mayor and police chief of Muncie, and overall had a really wonderful time. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was really fun. It seemed that the attendees also enjoyed it. I think it's a great idea-- the administration is putting a face and a story to one of the musicians the audience sees on stage. Check the MSO Facebook page for photos-- Alena McKenzie, MSO's Executive Director, took a bunch, so I'm sure she'll post them soon.

The MSO is having its final concert of the season tomorrow. It is the Festival on the Green, a free event, outside, aimed at getting the whole community involved in music. It's at 7 PM at the BSU Arts Terrace. One of the main attractions is the Super Conductor contest! The mayor, the police chief, and the fire chief are all going to conduct a piece, and one of them will be named Super Conductor! I think it's really fun. I chatted a bunch with Steve Stewart, Muncie's police chief, last night, and he showed me his 4-beat pattern. He's got it down, with a nice ease in his wrist. :) So we'll see what happens, but I think it will be a really fun event tomorrow. Join us!

Happy practicing!