Summer vacation, YAY!

So playing with Kenny G and the ISO was a really interesting experience. He's a complete master of the saxophone, and it is truly impressive what he can do. It's not my favorite style of music, but I definitely see the appeal. He was an amazing performer, not only in the musical sense, but in the way he interacted with the audience. He seems like a very pleasant person, and is the consummate musician!

And now I am officially on summer vacation! It feels very strange to be so free. I have a few things lined up throughout the month of May, but mostly I will be relaxing. I've been enjoying the pleasant weather (with the help of Claritin, as my allergies are in full swing with the Spring!) and been riding my bike on the Cardinal Greenway. Here are some photos from yesterday's 22.5 mile ride. Indiana really is quite beautiful! Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the beautiful trees that are blooming-- next time.

In other news, I recently became the Social Media Coordinator of the American Viola Society, and I'm proud of the newsletter I designed over the weekend. It went out today! I had lots of help, of course, (in fact, I didn't write any of the content), but the design was all me. Let me know what you think!

This week I'll be editing videos from recent performances, so stay tuned for more content on the Listen page. I've already started on the Hibiki performance from last month, so will be posting soon.

Happy practicing!