Off to Greeley!

I'm writing from the Indianapolis airport, waiting for my flight to Denver. A few weeks ago Dr. Christopher Luther taught a master class at Ball State-- now it's my turn to teach one at the University of Northern Colorado! My flight gets in late tonight, but Chris will pick me up in Denver and we'll drive up to Greeley, where the University is. I'm looking forward to working with his students tomorrow.

It's been a crazy week. All three of my graduate students have recitals on Sunday. When I planned it that way, I didn't consider all of the extra rehearsals we'd schedule the weeks prior to the recital, let alone the difficulty of making times work with pianists! Needless to say, the last few weeks have been very busy. But all three sound wonderful, and I'm proud of all the work they'd done this year. 

This all has taught me a hard lesson in scheduling-- three recitals in one day, and a master class half-way across the country a few days before, is NOT a good idea. I also submitted a proposal to next year's ASTA conference today between finishing teaching and rushing to the airport. I only started it this morning, because since the conference I'd been thinking about what I could present on, and only last night had a flash of insight. I think I came up with a great topic, and am hopeful my submission will be accepted. But, yet again, it was something I left to the absolute last minute, as submissions are due at midnight EST tonight. There wouldn't even be time to work on the proposal during the flight and send when I got to Greeley, as it'd be too late to submit. Sheesh.

SO. While I'm managing to get it all done, I really hope I learn to schedule things better next time around! What a whirlwind! Oh-- and did I mention I'm playing with Anderson Symphony this week too?! I'll be missing the first rehearsal tomorrow night, as I'll still be flying home, but I'm looking forward to a fun program of Broadway hits with some great singers. 


Happy practicing!