Last week of Spring semester!

I've had a problem with my Mac for the last few months. It randomly shuts down. For example, this evening I was a good 5 paragraphs into writing a blog post when I got a phone call. Hearing the phone ringing in the other room, I left my computer, picked up the phone in the other room, and became absorbed in the conversation. I just now came back to my computer to learn that it had, yet again, inexplicably shut itself down, hence losing my entire post.

I'm annoyed.

That is NOT how my original blog post was going to go. I had written about the last week of my life, from Viola Choir concert, to weekend out of town, to getting sick, to juries yesterday (yay my wonderful students!!), to viola studio get together last night, to playing with ISO today. And now I simply don't want to recount it with the same detail I already did. Argh.

Suffice it to say-- in the last week I've experienced a lot! I'll post videos from the Viola Choir concert as soon as I have time to edit them. It was a fantastic concert last Thursday. Juries were yesterday, and I'm very proud of my violists who performed. After juries, I came home to clean the house and get ready for hosting a viola studio get together. We ate a lot of wonderful food (it was a pot luck), introduced my Brazilian student to root beer (yum!), and played a game of Cards Against Humanity-- which, I admit, was really fun, but will likely not happen again. I feel like I know my students just a bit more than I want to currently! ;-P

This morning I went to Indianapolis, where I am subbing with the ISO this week. Today's rehearsals were really fun. Time for Three is performing a Happy Hour at the Symphony concert tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30. I highly recommend you come if you're in the area. They have so much vibrant energy, and are simply phenomenal musicians! It's really amazing getting to play in an ensemble backing this unique and powerful group. I'm really excited about the concert tomorrow evening. In addition to that, ISO is performing with Kenny G on Friday and Saturday. Rehearsals start tomorrow, and I'm excited about that too. It's very unique to be able to play with someone whose name and musical style is known the world over. I'll report back soon on the experience. :)

Today was a blissfully sunny and gorgeous day. I had lunch in Monument Circle, which was hosting a "Countdown to the Indy 500" event. It was really fun. I'm also excited to report that I have the opportunity to actually go to the Indy 500 this May-- more to come about that too! Stay tuned, and until then...

Happy practicing!