Concerts galore!

After Hilary Hahn's recital last week, the Muncie Symphony Orchestra started rehearsals for the season finale concert we performed last night. It was an ambitious program, with two amazing violin soloists, and the complex Bartok Concerto for Orchestra. I'd never played this Bartok before, so I'm really happy to have had the opportunity, though-- as with any complicated work-- I would have liked a few more hours of rehearsal time! But I think we did a really good job, and the audience was so appreciative. It was a good concert!

Nathan Meltzer opened the program with the first movement of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto. At only 14 years old, I imagine he'll be "the next Hilary Hahn." He's a talented player, and it was amazing to be able to make music with him. I got to chat with him mother briefly after the concert-- turns our Nathan is not from a musical family! Can you imagine? What a gifted young man!

Following the Tchaikovsky, 2014 International Violin Competition of Indianapolis winner Jinjoo Cho joined us for the entire Sibelius Violin Concerto. What a piece! I really love it, and this week was no different. Jinjoo is an expressive performer who easily communicated with the orchestra. After intermission, we played a short Ukranian Melody that is quite beautiful, then finished up with the Bartok. So-- a lot of notes in last night's concert! 

And now I'm getting ready to perform a short song with the BSU Women's Chorus, directed by Kerry Glann. Showtime is at 3 PM, so if you happen to be in Muncie, come on down to Sursa Hall for an afternoon of voice! The University Choral Union, Women's Chorus, and Statesmen are all singing.

Happy practicing!

P.S. As promised last week, here are a few photos from Hilary Hahn's visit.