Hilary Hahn

Hilary Hahn performed an intimate, moving, and simply incredible recital tonight in Sursa Hall, here on Ball State Campus. Yesterday we had the good fortune of hosting her in a master class. As I first told some of my students, and then Hilary after her performance, I do not often miss playing violin, but listening to her tonight really made me miss it. The breadth of colors and tones and dynamics and emotions and articulations and just overall SOUNDS she made is incredible. I know missing violin will be a quick phase (over as soon as I play my viola again tomorrow!) but for now, I am nostalgic and so very moved. Beyond the emotional connection, I was blown away by her bow control. It has truly been an inspiring few days!

I'm having some phone problems so am currently unable to upload photos, but I will add some soon.

Happy practicing, indeed! I am VERY inspired to do a lot of bowing work in the next few weeks. :-)