Busy and wonderful week

This week has been busy! I got home very late on Sunday night (so late it was actually Monday morning!), had a fairly regular day on Monday, and then on Tuesday drove back to the airport to pick up Dr. Christopher Luther, who came to Muncie to teach a master class to my violists! I met him for the first time at ASTA 2014 in Louisville, and then again at the AVS conference in Los Angeles over the summer, so I was confident that he would be a wonderful guest teacher. He was such a gracious and low-key guest (he stayed at my house), and he taught an incredible class on Wednesday! Unfortunately I completely forgot to take photos (argh!!). I was so impressed with his ease in front of the room, and the way he engaged the audience. Often at master classes it seems the teacher has forgotten that they're speaking to an audience, not just the performer, but this was not the case with Dr. Luther. In addition to an easy presence, he was able to get some really different sounds out of one of my students, playing with tone and colors in the opening of Schumann's Märchenbilder, and taught all of us some bow-hand exercises that I'd never come across before. All in all, I think it was a wonderful class, especially because his pedagogical style is different but complimentary to mine. I hope my students got as much out of it as I did.

After a tasty very late lunch/very early dinner at Damask Cafe (a local Mediterranean restaurant), James and I took Chris back to the airport. I must admit, 5 trips to or from the airport in 3 days is a few too many... But at least I had good company on 3 of those trips!

And then yesterday, two graduate students from the BSU School of Education, Sport, and Exercise Science, presented to my class on Performance Anxiety. One of them, Brianna Leitzelar, had given a talk to my class last year, and this year she brought her classmate Nile Brandt, whose mother is a violist! They encouraged the audience to share stories and overall, I think it was a useful session, especially for my younger students who still suffer terribly from stage fright. Yesterday I remembered to take photos, so here are a few.

And finally, today I find myself in East Lansing, Michigan. I'm here for the College Music Society, Great Lakes Chapter Regional Conference. It started this morning, but unfortunately I was unable to get here in time for the start of the conference. I have a session tomorrow morning, and am chairing a session later in the day. Now I'm off to a dinner to meet some folks and talk music. Fun!

Happy practicing!