Dress Rehearsal

This morning I had my dress rehearsal. Given the short notice program change, Libby Crawford was unable to attend due to a previous engagement she could not move, so it was a solo rehearsal (she and I rehearsed in the hall on Sunday). I'm currently sitting at my computer, watching and listening to my rehearsal. I started with a run-through of the program (despite half the Clarke missing), then worked some areas, then asked the stage managers to change the acoustical settings of the hall, and then ran the program again.

Technology is really neat. Not only can I hear a distinct difference in how I sound depending on how the hall is set up, but I can also watch and listen from the comfort of home later the same day. Here's a short video of the ending of the third movement of the Hindemith.

What do you think? In the first half of this clip, the curtains are open. In the second half, they are closed. I'm curious to know if you hear the difference, and if so, what you prefer?

I have a few things to clean up before Thursday evening, but on the whole, I'm very satisfied with my playing this morning. Even the fourth movement of the Hindemith is sounding pretty good (well-- as good as the composing allows)-- though I now hear that, especially in this movement, I'm rushing through the phrasing. I'll have to exaggerate what under my ear and in my mind is so apparent. This is an important point I often emphasize to my students: what you think you are playing isn't always apparent to the audience. Musical exaggeration is generally a very good thing.

If you're in the Muncie area, please come out and hear me play on Thursday evening. In my opinion, all three works on the program are masterpieces of the 20th century. And they all just happen to prominently feature viola, and really, what else could an audience want? :-)

Happy practicing!