The last few weeks have been intense and rewarding. I've practiced more than I think I have since I finished school, and am very proud of all I've accomplished. Not only has it been fun to refamiliarize myself with the Reger and relearn the Hindemith, but working with Libby Crawford has been the most fun of all. The Prelude, Allegro, and Pastorale for B-flat Clarinet and Viola by Rebecca Clarke is SUCH a cool piece. I love the way viola and clarinet blend, and getting to make this beautiful music with a good friend has really been a treat. I'm actually really looking forward to this recital (Thursday at 7:30 PM in Sursa Hall), even though the repertoire is not what I'd originally planned.

In other news, auditions finished up last week, and I heard a lot of talented young string players looking to make careers in music. Though the arts suffer, it is humbling and rewarding to see that younger generations are still involved in and passionate about classical music. Perhaps there is hope for the arts after all!

I'm off to the BSSO concert now. The big piece on the program is Mozart's Requiem, which is one of my favorite pieces! I don't think I've ever been in the audience for the piece, so it'll be a nice change of pace from sitting in the viola section.

Happy practicing!