The last six weeks have been incredibly intense, but finally I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a nice feeling. Perhaps I'll actually start exercising again! That would be nice-- I feel like a pile of mush these days. Ugh!

So, last weekend was the University of Tennessee Viola Celebration. It was an amazing weekend of all viola events. I was one of five pedagogues, and had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of ages, and taught a sound production class, as well as a "Protect your Hearing" class. I'm still guffawed at the lack of knowledge about hearing health! So I'm glad I was able to educate some more people. Protect your hearing, people!! Scroll to the bottom of this page for a quick summary of how to do so.

As I mentioned in my last post, I brought five of my students with me to Knoxville. We had a surprisingly nice time driving down and back (at least I thought so!), in our large BSU passenger van.

Saturday morning, the quintet performed in the Ensemble Competition, and later that day I found out that they WON!!!  When I found out I squeaked and jumped, and unfortunately gave it away, as one of my students saw me from afar. Oops. But she wasn't sure until later in the day, when the announcement was made publicly. So THAT was a definite highlight of the weekend. And the traveling trophy is amazing! We haven't gotten it yet, as the names of the students needed to be engraved on the trophy's base, but Dr. Hillary Herndon, who organized the amazing event, sent word today that it was recently put in the mail. I'm very much looking forward to displaying it in my studio for the next year. It's so awesome, and is a wonderful tribute to the hard work these talented students put in. They make me proud, every single day.


This past weekend was the College Music Society National Conference, conveniently held in Indianapolis. I played on a session on Friday, and the Hibiki Trio had a session on Saturday, so while the amount of time I was actually performing was not very much, it was none-the-less a busy weekend, including driving, meetings, and attending other conference sessions. Here is the Hibiki Trio, post-presentation.

Other than regular teaching and the Hibiki Trio's Fall concert (on Sunday 22 November at 3 PM in Sursa Hall), the rest of my semester is blissfully regular. Phew!

Happy practicing, indeed!