Half way...

It's midterm week at Ball State, and this upcoming weekend is Fall Break. I can hardly believe half of the semester has already flown by. I feel like just a few days ago I was putting the final touches on my new house, when really it's been months. My, how the time does fly! I've been meaning to blog for about a week now-- Composer Rick Vale shared some really great photos from the Anderson Symphony Concert at which I helped premiere his Symphony No. 2: Celebration.

In addition, the Viola Choir had a strong and musically satisfying performance at the Showcase concert on Saturday. I was so pleased! It was wonderful to see eight fabulous violists in an arch at the front of Sursa's stage, all wearing Viola Choir T-shirts and sounding amazing! I'm sure it was the biggest audience for which they've ever played, and they did wonderfully!

BSUVC in performance, with the Wind Ensemble on stage and ready to play.

BSUVC in performance, with the Wind Ensemble on stage and ready to play.

This week has been undergraduate technique juries, and with only one left to hear, I'm very happy with my students' progress. Keep it up, everyone!

And finally, I'm off back to campus for rehearsal with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra. Among other work's, we'll perform Mozart's Symphony No. 35 on Saturday night at 7:30 PM in Sursa Hall. It should be really great!

Phew! Though everything is going really well, I will admit that I am looking forward to the extra long weekend. There is still so much going on!

Happy practicing!