Whirlwind Month

I can hardly believe the month of October is coming to an end. SO many things have happened in the last few weeks-- recitals, recordings, Viola Day, etc. etc. etc. I am woefully behind in work and emails and hence, blogging. But things are very good. I am excited and encouraged by all that is happening. Up next, University of Tennessee Viola Celebration! Tomorrow morning I am picking up a BSU van, then picking up five of my students, and we're driving to the UT Viola Celebration, where I am guest faculty, and they are performing in the first ensemble competition to be held at the event. I'm excited about this opportunity, and so very proud of the quintet, whose members have worked hard for the last few weeks to get two pieces up to a very high level. They sound so very good, and I am so very very proud. When I last heard them perform, yesterday in studio class, I got that tears-welling-up-in-the-back-of-your-eyes PROUD feeling. :-) Here's a photo of them performing a few days ago, at BSU Viola Day.

More from Tennessee, I hope! And I hope to find time next week to fill you in on my recital and Viola Day, both of which went very well.

Happy practicing!