Having just completed the first week of the Spring semester, I cannot help but wonder at its name-- it has been COLD here in Muncie this week. Why isn't it the Winter semester? The Fall semester starts in the summer (at least at Ball State), and the Spring semester starts in the dead of winter! Go figure. It is currently 7 degrees F and windy. Today has been the warmest day we've had this week... Suffice it to say, I haven't ridden my bike to work yet this year!

Cold weather aside, the new semester is off to a good start! Unfortunately, a few students had to leave the program due to personal reasons, so I have a little more space in my schedule. While I miss these individuals, I am grateful for the slightly easier load. Last semester was very difficult for me, and though my break was restful, it still didn't feel long enough!

The Hibiki Trio started rehearsing in earnest for our April 2nd concert (at 7:30 PM in Sursa Hall) this week, and so far, so good! We did a lot of work on several very difficult movements last semester--which are now in the maintenance phase-- and are now looking at the rest of our repertoire. Our first concert as the official Hibiki Trio (we performed together as friends and colleagues in October 2013) is a big program with varied works, from Diabelli to Debussy to two modern composers, Rene Frank and Mieczyslaw Weinberg. I've performed the Debussy trio several times now, and I grow to appreciate it more and more with each rehearsal. What a complex and beautiful work! Elizabeth Richter let us know of an in depth article that edits the Debussy, so I'm looking forward to reading the first two installments over the weekend. There are a few things in the piece that are quite difficult to execute, so I wonder if any of them are editorial mistakes!

Other than that, I'm also preparing for my Faculty Artist Series recital, which will be on Thursday 26 February at 7:30 PM in Sursa Hall. Pianist Lori Rhoden will join me for the Brahms E flat sonata and the Shostakovich sonata. I'm also toying with the idea of adding a short solo work, but don't know yet. Whether or not I add it to the program, I am having fun learning the new work-- we'll see if I can pull it together in the next few weeks!

So, 2015 is off to a good (yet horribly cold) start. Happy practicing!