Viola Day Prep

Wow, I can't believe we are almost done with the third week of classes already. The semester is flying by, and we are coming up very quickly on my first ever Viola Day! What's Viola Day, you ask? Well, it's a day (Saturday September 20th) devoted to all things viola! It's a free event for violists of all levels. There will be recitals and master classes and vendors and viola choir and best of all, the fabulous Mike Chen, associate principal of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, our rock star guest violist! It will take place in the Music Instruction Building (MIB) on Ball State's Campus.

Today I held an audition for my students to play for Mike at his masterclass. Six students played, and I am proud of all of them. It is scary to get up in front of your peers, especially so close to the beginning of the school year when so many people and experiences and techniques and ideas are still new. But they all played really well, and I am glad I opened the floor to a vote, as it would have been a very difficult decision for me to make on my own. All students got to vote on who gets to play for Mike, and though I'm sure it was a hard decision for everyone, there was a strong consensus.

So things are lining up, and slowly I'm finding my groove. This year feels so very different than last year. Perhaps it's that I'm no longer new to Ball State, or that I have so many wonderful students this year, or perhaps some combination of the two, but whatever it is, this is shaping up to be the best year of my teaching career yet.

Happy practicing!