This afternoon I ran the solo viola part to the Bartok Viola Concerto for my friend Mary Kothman, who is a wonderful violinist and the concertmaster of the Muncie Symphony, and an adjunct professor at Ball State.

It went pretty well.

It's SUCH a difficult piece, and Mary had a lot of really great suggestions that I will try to achieve before the concert with the BSSO on 16 October. I video recorded my performance, and I have to admit that when watching my afternoon performance this evening, I was somewhat shocked by how easy I made it look. The Bartok Concerto is NOT easy. It is one awkward move after the next, but apparently after many years of working on it-- and an ingrained ease courtesy of Coordination and my amazing pedagogues-- I am able to give a visceral performance.

It's a good place to be, 2.5 weeks before the *real* performance. There are definitely a few spots that still require some TLC, but if my performance on the 16th goes anything like my run-through did today, I will be a happy camper. Here is a clip of the end of the work...

And until the 16th-- happy practicing indeed!