Tonight the Ball State Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert of the season, and it was fantastic! The orchestra has grown so much since I heard it last year-- and of course I was particularly tickled by the amazing viola sound. So many violists! What a treat!

After the La Forza del Destino overture, which had some impressive clarinet lines, Dr. Brittany Hendricks performed Eino Tamberg’s Trumpet Concerto, which was phenomenal. From the first note of the piece (which was solo trumpet) her sound filled the hall! It was incredible. I'd never heard this piece before, and it reminded me in places of Shostakovich, though less dark. I enjoyed it very much.

The final piece of the evening was the Franck Symphony in D. It really sounded great. There were some wonderful horn solos, and the woodwind section sounded really clean. After tonight, I can't help but look even more forward to my own concerto debut with the BSSO next month-- it really helps to play with a well-put-together ensemble. Thanks maestro Doug Droste for all of your hard work! The group sounds fantastic!

Happy practicing!