Mid-Week Silly

On Wednesday evening, James and I went to a friend's house for a very silly party. We anthropomorphized vegetables. Below is the little banana pepper for whom I knit a very classy hat. Hee hee!

Amidst the stress or a regular work week, this was a lovely diversion. I haven't crafted anything away from a pattern in a very long time. It was fun to let my creative juices flow in a rather bizarre medium, and to see what happened when I let loose. In a way, it was a form of improvisation. For example, I started with the hat. Originally I had brought an apple to anthropomorphize, but once I finished the frilly hat (which also didn't go as I'd planned), it turned out to be too small for the apple. So I found a vegetable that was smaller, the banana pepper. The hat was so ridiculous that I knew I wanted the face to reflect the same kind of over-the-top "class." So I found the biggest googely eye I could, and pasted it on. I added eyelashes and was surprisingly devastated when I couldn't find another goggely eye of the same size!! So, I ended up having to use a smaller second eye, and what at first seemed like would make for an imbalanced face ended up actually looking pretty ridiculously awesome. 

It's not the same as performing music, but I can't help but draw a parallel. I didn't know exactly how I wanted my final product to turn out, but drawing on my years of training (with knitting and cutting and pasting) and natural talents (for creative silliness, in this case), I came up with something rather charming. Even when we don't play all of the right notes or don't execute every shift flawlessly, we emote and create something unique with every performance. So while I probably won't decorate vegetables on a weekly basis, I will take from this experience and try to judge myself less harshly in my myriad upcoming performances. They might not go as perfectly as I want, but I know I've done the groundwork to create something rather charming.

Happy practicing!