All in a day

It has been another full and eventful day at the Meidell studio. My day started with a photo shoot for my new faculty ensemble, the Hibiki Trio, with Elizabeth Richter and Mihoko Watanabe. How exciting is that? We had so much fun playing together last year that we became an official faculty ensemble during the summer! With everything we have going on this semester, our inaugural concert won't be until the Spring semester, but I am looking forward to working closely with these amazing musicians (who are also really fun women!) this year and into the future.

After that, I taught! With eight new violists in the studio, it's quite a change from last year. I'm really enjoying so many new students, though I must admit, the administrative parts of the new school year-- coupled with organizing chamber ensembles, lesson schedules, answering emails, and everything else-- make me feel more distracted than I want to be when working with new students. I think things will settle down after this week, and hopefully everyone will get into a groove starting next week. I know I could benefit from a less hectic headspace!

After lessons, almost my whole studio met for our first Studio class. Unfortunately a few people have class conflicts, but either way, it was so wonderful to be surrounded by smiling faces and so many C strings. :) We didn't do any playing today, but rather got to know the rules (i.e. went over the syllabus) and got to know each other a bit. 

And then after organizing a few things and sending a few more emails, I went home. After dinner, I finally started practicing for the day. Though I'm not getting in as many hours as I want, I am finding that things are coming back together a little faster than I thought they would last week. That is a nice surprise. I even ran the entire Bartok concerto! There are definitely a lot of spots that I need to clean up, but on the whole, it wasn't half bad. I'm starting to think it's going to be really fun playing this monstrous work with the BSSO in October.

And now I think I will actually relax a bit before I go to bed and wake up tomorrow to do it all again! My desk at home is swamped, and my desk at school is swamped too. There is still a lot of housekeeping to be done, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is oddly viola-shaped.

Happy practicing!