Well, Mr. Bell did not disappoint. I must admit, it was a rare honor to share the stage with him. I enjoyed playing with him very much, though I was just a cog in the wheel. There were a few precarious moments, but the ISO is clearly comprised of consummate musicians, so we always found each other, and every performance was met with standing ovations, even in the Dvorak, when Joshua Bell was not on stage.

It was a good week.

Tomorrow I head to Los Angeles and the American Viola Society conference. One of my students will look after the house and Tula (the dog) while I'm away, which is a big relief.  I do worry about my little dog, you see. Since ending my week with ISO, I've been bustling around the house and running errands, trying to get ready for my departure, but am still woefully underprepared! Sheesh. Why can't every other Sunday be a 36-hour day? :)

Stay tuned for more from LA...

Happy practicing!