BAD Super Shuttle, BAD.

It has been a couple of very intense days here at the Performing Arts Medicine Association Conference. Before I can even talk about that, I have to let you all know what happened after my last blog post...

Once I finally landed in Denver, I went to the Super Shuttle counter, with whom I'd made a reservation, so that they could take me to my aunt and uncle's house, a 1.5 hour drive from the airport. I even called them in Indianapolis to let them know my flight was delayed. The very nice customer service woman assured me there would be a van waiting for me. Well... there wasn't. In fact, when I got to the counter, the man there-- while very nice-- informed me that because all kinds of other flights had been delayed, etc. my van was no longer available and that I was out of luck. This is a service for which I payed, in advance. He gave me a refund and said, "Good luck" and sent me on my way. REALLY? Thanks Super Shuttle. I hope those of you who have used their services have had MUCH better experiences. That really really soured my already long evening. It was approximately 11 PM at that point, and there isn't any public transportation going to where my family lives, and even if there were, it wouldn't run at that time (note to those of you traveling to Denver any time soon-- public transit stops running a lot earlier than you think it should). I went out to the curb, where a road crew was jack-hammering the sidewalk. It was really really loud. Over that racket I tried to arrange a ride with another shuttle company, but they wanted $110. Um, no. So I finally went back into the terminal, feeling spent and still no closer to where I needed to be. 

Finally I decided to take a chance and call some friends that live somewhere in the Denver area, and see if maybe someone was awake and able to help me out. Well, luckily Jeff is one of the nicest men on the planet, and he picked up the phone, listened to my situation, got out of his pajamas and drove the 45 minutes to the airport to pick me up, set me up on his couch, and the following morning dropped me off at a Starbucks near his office, which is only about 20 minutes from my family's place. I waited there until my aunt could collect me, at which point, I finally reached "home." It was a very long night, but Jeff was so accommodating and amazing that what could have turned in to a night at the airport (or a VERY expensive ride) actually turned into a nice opportunity to catch up with someone super awesome that I don't see very often. Thank you Jeff!!!!

After a shower and a nap, my grandmother and I went to the grocery store so I could get some supplies for PAMA, and after lunch, I drove out to Snowmass. Wow, Colorado is truly an amazingly beautiful state. I arrived at dinner time, and the UNT reunion began! It's been in full swing since then.

On Thursday, I went for a hike with some friends. See? Colorado is BEAUTIFUL!

On Thursday, I went for a hike with some friends. See? Colorado is BEAUTIFUL!

I'll leave you there, as an impromptu gathering seems to have sprung up downstairs in the condo I'm staying in.

Happy practicing!