I am writing from the Indianapolis airport, waiting on my now more than 1-hour delayed flight to Denver. When I arrived at the airport this evening, I was overcome by a wave of, "Ugh. I just left here," and am not in the greatest of spirits. The delayed flight doesn't help a whole lot, though once I get to Denver I think things will turn around. I'll spend the night at my aunt and uncle's house, and then tomorrow drive to Snowmass, where the Performing Arts Medicine Association Symposium will take place. It's in a completely gorgeous part of Colorado (right next to Aspen), but of course, most of the time I'll be inside the hotel conference center, learning! Ah, conferences.

I am giving a presentation at the conference, and am a little nervous about it. I only have a 15-minute time slot! I practiced for a friend the other day, who said that I'm talking very quickly... it's hard to compress SO much information into 13 minutes, so as to leave 2 minutes for questions! Ah well, such is the life of an academic! :)

Molly Gebrian was gracious enough to write a lengthy comment about my last post, giving great practice suggestions. I hope to have an opportunity to try out her ideas before I return from the conference! 

Turns out a writer from was at the Viola Conference in Los Angeles, and she also attended Molly and Shelly's presentation. Thanks so Amanda for letting me know about this well-written article. If you're interested in reading more about their research, you can do so here. I'm afraid with PAMA these next days, I won't get to it.

Well, looks like things are starting to stir here at the gate, so I'm going to pack up and head to Denver! I'm looking forward to spending some time with the mountains.

Happy practicing!