Muggy Muncie

It is really nice to be home after a week of intense adventuring! California was amazing, but I must admit, it is nice to be back with home-made food and much friendlier Indiana prices! Goodness, California is expensive! One downside of being back though, is that Indiana is incredibly humid right now. It is rather unpleasant. But, the world's cutest poodle is making me feel most welcome, so that is lovely. :)

This afternoon I met with my colleagues Elizabeth Richter and Mihoko Watanabe. We had such a nice time rehearsing and performing together in the Fall semester that we are starting a faculty chamber group. We've set up our first on-campus recital as an official trio for Spring 2015, and are in the process of choosing repertoire and coming up with a name. That has proven to be the most difficult part. After weeks of shooting around ideas, we still haven't found something that speaks to all of us. The few names we've come up with that we all like are already taken or too similar to another ensemble's name. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

Happy practicing!