A hop, skip, and a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge

I left Los Angeles this afternoon, after hearing the finalists in the Primrose competition. I am not surprised to learn that the young Chinese violist, Zhanbo Zheng (who is only 17!!), won first place. Though I only heard his final performance, it was truly beautiful, and to me, easily stood out as the most refined and expressive performance.

I'm now in San Francisco, seeing my friend Kathryn and her husband Sean, whom I have not seen since their wedding in 2006. My goodness, how time flies! The last time I saw them, I had not yet moved to Texas to begin my doctoral studies. A lot of things have happened in all of our lives since then, though of course we've kept in touch over the phone and Skype. Most significantly, though, Sean and Kathryn had a son almost four years ago. Since I got in so late tonight, I will have to wait until the morning to meet Lucas. I am very excited to meet him finally!!

It's a sudden change of pace from the very intense viola-ing I've been living for the last few days (and I already miss you, Daphne!), but seeing as I have been looking for a way to visit Kathryn for years now, I am so happy that it has finally arrived! :-)

More soon. Until then, happy practicing.