AVS, Part 2

Yesterday I traveled to Los Angeles, where I've been communing with the skyscrapers and palm trees amidst viola-ing. It's nice to be back in a big city again-- though it has been many years since I have lived in an urban city, I do miss the bustle and excitement of it. I enjoy visiting places like LA because they remind me of how awesome Boston is. :)

I'm here, of course, at the Primrose International Viola Competition and the American Viola Society Conference. My friend and colleague Daphne Gerling and I are rooming together in the most lovely apartment through Airbnb. Our hosts are amazing, and the apartment is a one minute walk from the Colburn School. It's nice to be able to leave my viola "at home" until I need it, instead of carrying it around all day.

Today was a very long day, but filled with so much music! I went to three masterclasses in the morning, taught by Jerzy Kosmala, Pierre-Henri Xuereb, and Wing Ho. After a delicious lunch with colleagues, I attended the Young Professional Masterclasses, which are the same as the Rising Star masterclass I was awarded a few months ago-- it seems the name was changed. It was great! I learned many tidbits from lots of up-and-coming violists, and was proud to be a member of this talented group of rising stars. Joyce Chan, Esme Allen-Creighton, Gregory Williams, and Lauren Hodges taught in the first class, and Yoon-Kyung Shin, William Johnston, and I taught in the second. There was a good audience, and I enjoyed working with my student, and learning from my colleagues.

After dinner, all of the Young Professionals, as well as other conference attendees, joined AVS board members for a Development Roundtable discussion. It was a fascinating discussion, and I left feeling really excited and energetic about my career. There are still so many things to learn and explore from my colleagues who have done similar things before, but the discussion was a great start.

There will be many more viola-related things to explore tomorrow! I wish I had a little more energy right now to talk about everything, but alas, that is the downside of conferences-- your brain gets so overloaded with information and inspiration.

Happy practicing!

The beautiful performance hall at the Colburn School.

The beautiful performance hall at the Colburn School.