Tula and I got back to Muncie on Wednesday. She did really well, and thankfully, so did my old car! I was very happy to not break down or encounter any problems along the way East and then back to Muncie. I listened to two books on tape during the drive, and had a very lovely time with Christine and Jon, though it went by too quickly. They were gracious enough to let me practice at their house, so I even got some good work done on the last movement of the Bartok, which is very noodley and will take a while to get into my fingers.

These last few days I've been exercising and I am feeling really good. The weather has been wonderful, so I've been out on the Greenway on my bike, and I started rock climbing at the gym again, and that makes me really happy. I've even been good about going to bed at a decent hour and waking up early to practice in the mornings, which is when I tend to be most productive. It's been a nice change of pace from the generally hectic school year.

Tomorrow afternoon I will perform the Kahn Trio for Oboe, Viola, and Piano with Aryn Sweeney and Lori Rhoden. We are playing for the second Faculty Chamber Music Concert, which is tomorrow at 3 at the United Universalist Church of Muncie, and is free and open to the public. Our dress rehearsal was yesterday, and below is a little preview. Unfortunately I forgot to check the charge on the recorder's battery, so only caught the opening. The space is really beautiful, and I think it'll be really nice to make and listen to music at the church.

Happy practicing!