Half way...

This morning's concert went very well! There was a small, yet enthusiastic, audience, and in addition to having a lot of fun performing with Libby and Lori, it was also wonderful to hear some of my colleagues sing and play. I thought our performance of the Bruch went quite well, and we received warm applause and a few very nice comments at the end of the concert.

After a rehearsal for the second Chamber Music Series Concert (3 PM on Sunday 1 June at the UU Church of Muncie), I packed up the car, collected the dog, and headed east. One of my closest friends is pregnant, so I'm taking a few days off from regular life to see her before she becomes a mom. Christine and I were room mates our freshman year in college, and have maintained an honest and steadfast friendship since then. We haven't lived near each other for a very long time now, so our yearly visits are very special. On top of being really excited about seeing Christine tomorrow (!!), I must gush a little about my dog, Tula.

See, Tula is a rescue from a puppy mill. When I got her, about 5.5 years ago, she hadn't been socialized or exposed to anything good, and was truly terrified of everyone and everything, including me. It took approximately a year for her to even begin to trust me. Since then, she's grown so much. Right now she's curled up on a motel bed next to me, calm as can be. This is not her first road trip (the first one, she shook the WHOLE time in the car), and she clearly has come to understand that it's not all bad. I'm so very proud that now instead of being afraid of everything, she explores and sniffs and acts almost completely dog-like, but is trained so well that she comes as soon as I call. She's such a good little dog, and I love it when I can bring her with me on my adventures. It always adds a measure of happiness to the escapades. :-)

So, I'll be away from the blogosphere for the next few days, hanging out with one of the most brilliant and wonderful people I know.

Happy practicing!