Start of Summer

These past weeks have been a mix of relaxation and work-- the new house is mostly set up, though I've been dragging my feet about putting the finishing touches on the place. Other than two small boxes and some art that still needs to be hung, the new house is great! It already feels like home, and I am very happy here. Even Tula has adjusted to the new digs. I've been doing a little yard work (very minimal-- trying to grow some grass in the back) and finally have had time to start going through old files. I found a jury summons from 2001. Yup:  Definitely overdue for some serious Spring cleaning!

It was very nice to have some time off after the end of the semester, though I am happy the first Summer Session began this week. I only have 3 students this summer, but it's enough to get me out of the house and get my thinking cap on. I am one of those people who, when faced with oodles of free time, manage to get almost nothing done. So having a light schedule this summer is nice. I get to relax and sleep, but also to practice and work.

Next week is the first of two Summer Chamber Music Festival concerts. I will perform selections from Bruch's Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano with my friends and colleagues Libby Crawford and Lori Rhoden. We met today for a rough read-through, and that was fun. Playing music with friends is so wonderful! We'll meet again on Thursday and start working more seriously on the repertoire. It's beautiful and fun music, and one day I hope to program the entire eight-movement piece. 

Happy lazy summer practicing!