A quick trip to Bloomington

After an exciting Camina Burana with the Anderson Symphony Orchestra yesterday evening, I would have been really okay with the day off today. But, with my recital just a week away, a day of rest was out of the question... especially because one of my collaborators for the recital is in Bloomington!

A few months ago I blogged about how excited I was to perform the Franck sonata on my Spring recital, which now is just a week away. Part of the reason I am so excited is that I will be playing with Cristina Capparelli, whom I know from my trips to Brazil. She is at Indiana University this semester as a Visiting Fulbright Scholar, studying and lecturing on Latin American music. So, after "sleeping in" until almost 9 (I woke up without an alarm, so it was a real treat!) I warmed up and practiced for a while, then gathered my viola and digital recorder, and drove to Bloomington.

It was a lovely day for a drive (though it would have been nicer to be out on a bike!), and a perfect day to meet with Cristina, whom last I saw in Brazil in October. We had lunch and caught up, then got to work.

And the result is... I am SO excited about performing Franck with Cristina next week! It was an easy rehearsal, but with much musical intensity. When we finished, having played each movement twice and rehearsed a bunch of spots, I was exhausted, yet filled with excitement at the prospect of doing it again in a week for an audience. It's going to be really really good, I'm just sure of it.

And that's a nice place to be one week out. I have a few spots to clean up, but even if a few things go wrong next Sunday (13 April, 7:30 PM in Sursa, free!), I am sure the musical ideas and emotional poignancy of the work will be evident. It is intensely rewarding to play a piece you love with someone you respect and like so very much.

Even though I spent nearly five hours in the car today, we MADE music, and even after the drive back to Muncie, I am still invigorated from the experience. If I had to not have a day off today, THIS was the way to do it.

Happy practicing!